Democrats begin formal process of making Mike Pence President

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Filing the first articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump is the latest step towards making Mike Pence president, Democrat sources have announced today.

Representative Brad Sherman filed the articles yesterday, claiming that Donald Trump’s behaviour warrants impeachment, trial, and Vice President Mike Pence being sworn in as Commander-in-Chief as quickly as possible.

To pass, the articles must pass a majority vote in the Republican-held House of Representatives – a move speaker Paul Ryan said was ‘pretty much a gimme’.

“Donald Trump is unworthy to hold the great office of President, and we want him out and replaced by Mike Pence as quickly as possible,” Democrat Sherman told reporters.

“Trump has shown disdain for the law, constitution and any form of morality, and it is in the interests of the nation that he be removed and the guy who has backed him unequivocally every step of the way take his place.

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“Which, make no mistake about it, is absolutely what will happen if I get my way.”

When asked, Vladimir Putin said he would have no problems with Trump being removed from office as now the President has put the USB drive Putin gave him in the Oval Office computer he’s of no further use anyway.