Tennis player with damaged hip ‘put down’ to end his suffering

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Tennis player Andy Murray has been put down after experts said his damaged hip would leave him with no meaningful standard of life.

Murray lost in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon due to the damaged hip, which appeared to many observers to be causing him significant pain.

“It was the kindest thing we could do, given the circumstances,” explained the vet who administered the gunshot to the head.

“The poor thing was in a lot of pain, and clearly wasn’t going to recover well enough to be any good at the sport for which he’d been bred, so what was the point in him going on?

“It would have cost an awful lot to care for him from this point forward, and he wouldn’t have enjoyed it, not being able to do good tennis anymore.”

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Critics of the sport have said Murray is just another victim of a barbaric practice in which young tennis players are taken halfway around the world to ensure they’re good enough at hitting balls that people will pay to watch them.

Anti-tennis campaigner Simon Williams told us, “No thought goes into the fact that the stresses on their bodies are immense.  We were not designed to go around repeatedly hitting things over a net with a racket.

“Some people will say he had a good run to get to 30, which is quite old for a tennis player, but we would argue that as a Scottish man, if he hadn’t gone into tennis he might well have lived into his forties.”

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