Tory MP favourite to replace Richard Hammond on The Grand Tour

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Anne-Marie Morris has replaced Ron Atkinson as the favourite to replace Richard Hammond on The Grand Tour.

The Conservative MP was recorded using the expression ‘n****r in the woodpile’ during a meeting on Brexit earlier this month. She subsequently apologised and blamed her use of the n-bomb on excessively listening to Jay-Z’s new album ‘4:44’.

However, although her political career may now be in ruins, it’s thought that her outburst impressed the producers of The Grand Tour who are keen to replace accident-prone man-child Hammond.

“Producers have had enough of Hammond and his ridiculous goatee and are keen to replace him with someone who’d be more popular with the show’s key demographic: the casually racist knobheads,” said an insider.

“Also, given Morris’ experience dealing with overpaid, out-of-touch old farts in parliament, she’s perfectly qualified to work with Jeremy Clarkson and James May.”

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However, not everyone believes that the MP for Newton Abbot will be leaving politics.

“I think this will eventually blow over,” said top political pundit Simon Williams.

“Obviously, she made a serious error of judgement using an antiquated, racist phrase to describe Brexit. I’ve no idea why she couldn’t just call it a technicolored shit-show like everyone else.”

“But, at the end of the day, she didn’t say the only n-word that Tories do consider to be offensive: ‘nationalisation’.”