Tory MP apologises for assuming ethnicity of woodpile dweller

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Anne Marie Morris, the Conservative MP for Newton Abbott, has apologised for using a phrase which assumed the ethnicity of someone living inside a woodpile.

Facing criticism from MPs across the house, and thousands of people on social media, Morris spoke to reporters to clarify her statement.

She told those present, “I apologise for my use of the word n*gger, that was insensitive of me. I fully recognise that the resident of that particular woodpile could easily have been a spic or one of those slanty-eyed yellow ones.

“There are all sorts of brown ones too, not just n*ggers, and to dismiss all of those other ethnicities was extremely inconsiderate on my part.

“I hope you will all accept my sincere apology, and rest assured that in future I won’t describe woodpile dweller as a n*gger unless I’ve checked to make sure it definitely is a n*gger.”

A Conservative party spokesperson said the apology should hopefully put an end to the matter, because Christ knows they can ill-afford a resignation and by-election with their wafer-thin majority barely holding up.