Elite hacker Jayden K Smith foiled by pesky Facebook users sharing warning message about him

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Elite hacker Jayden K Smith is today cursing the vigilant Facebook users who prevented him from taking control of millions of Facebook accounts.

Smith – who is well known for his hacking exploits amongst people who know about such things – told sources that his plan was poised to spring into action when thousands of Facebook users suddenly started sharing a warning about him.

Smith explained, “It was like they had read my mind and knew exactly how I was trying to take control of all these Facebook accounts – I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, months of work down the drain.

“I thought I had maybe foiled them again by spreading misinformation that the warning about me was actually a hoax, but unfortunately millions of people didn’t fall for my fake news and continued warning all their friends about me, preventing me from enacting my nefarious plan.

“Right now I’m back to square one, left furious, and facing the prospect of having to set up a whole new Facebook account with a new name and starting from scratch – but what sort of hacker has time to do that?

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“I’ve got better things to spend my time on than setting up the account for Jayden L Smith, even though it has a certain ring to it.”

Facebook user Simon Williams, who spent the evening copying and pasting the warning about Jaden K Smith to all 183 of his friends, told us, “You’re welcome.”