Donald Trump denies ever meeting Vladimir Putin

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Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to deny ever meeting Vladimir Putin and to dismiss claims he sat down and discussed election tampering with the Russian as ‘fake news’.

The US President hammered into his phone that the fake news media were determined to discredit it him by making up fake news that he gets on well with the Russian leader.

“Fake!!! So sad, never met Putin, don’t know him from Adam. Failing press making things up and photoshopping us shaking hands. Losers!” tweeted the leader of the free world.

White House spokesperson Chuck Williams went on to clarify the president’s comments, claiming any supposed meeting with Putin did not happen.

“I don’t know what to tell you, the press is making it up,” he explained.

“Seriously, you people are obsessed with Russian conspiracy theories, but that’s all they are – the president has nothing to do with Russia, and any suggestion otherwise is frankly unpatriotic, maybe even illegal – we’re exploring that angle.

Williams went on to insist any implied joint cyber security program with Russia was a complete fabrication on the part of the President’s enemies.

“What sort of moron would suggest working with the Russians on cyber-security? Not our moron-in-chief. No chance. Fake news.”