Ivanka stood in for Donald Trump at G20 after someone let slip Germany has golf courses

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Ivanka Trump attended G20 meetings in place of her father after an aide let slip that Germany has golf courses.

The faux pas ended any chance White House officials had of getting the President to focus on the coming G20 session, and it was decided to send him off for a quick 18 holes in the hope he might come back able to contribute to the afternoon sessions.

A White House insider told us, “Someone mentioned in passing that the Porsche European Open golf tournament was being played up the road in a couple of weeks, and that was it. Donald was gone.

“He wanted to know exactly where this course was, and sent someone to get his clubs. Apparently “all that African diplomacy stuff” could either wait till later or he’d send someone in his place.

“Ivanka was the last person to say ‘bags not’.

“She was briefed to take notes for the President, but when she presented them on Air Force One, it was just a load of doodles of handbag designs.

“On the plus side, Donald apparently shot a 78; even though he seemed to lose four balls and was three of the tee four times. He kept saying that the twenty-fifth amendment gives the president unlimited mulligans.

“Whenever anyone in Washington asks him how the G20 went, Donald now says ‘I played great, just great, but the greens were a little slow’.”