Outrage as outrage sparks fresh outrage fuelling new outrage, reveals Daily Express

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There has been outrage after outrage about something that sparked fresh outrage that led to new widespread outrage, according to the Daily Express.

With a storm of indignation engulfing already enraged Daily Express readers, the newspaper has revealed its disgust at the introduction, continuation and funding of things.

“This madness has to stop!” the paper claimed.

“Money that’s spent on things we don’t like should be spent on things we want to avoid paying for.

“To let this lunacy continue would be insane, not to mention barking, crazy and completely barmy.”

Outraged Express readers have responded with furious anger over how taxpayers’ money is used.

“I’m fed up with my tax money being spent,” shouted one reader.

“It especially sickens me to think of my money going to people who desperately need it.

“What I’d give to have nothing and be treated with utter contempt by the likes of me.”