Tony Blair ‘not straight’ with UK over role in University rock band

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Tony Blair was ‘not straight’ with the country over claims he made regarding his time as guitarist in his University rock band ‘Ugly Rumours’.

Mr Blair has maintained that he played the guitar and sang in the band, but this has been disputed by the group’s triangle player Simon Williams.

“Well, I think that Tony was emotionally truthful, you know, when he said he sang in the band,” said Mr Williams.

“But really, it was just this, sort of, bizarre hooting sound, and when he said he ‘played’ guitar? He would stand there with the guitar strapped round his neck.

“So, he’d be standing there hooting with a guitar strapped around his neck that he didn’t really understand. To be fair, I think it’s about as rock and roll as Tony Blair will ever get.”

However, Mr Williams revealed that Mr Blair’s became even less involved in the group as time went on.

“Yeah, he got more and more involved with the ‘War is bloody brilliant’ society, and he’d just spend his time over there just going ‘war is bloody brilliant,’ and that.

“So, yeah, whilst, I suppose technically Tony was in Ugly Rumours, that’s not really the real facts of the situation.”

However, Mr Williams is convinced the situation worked out for the best.

“Yes, as it stands, we just got a plastic Tory Prime Minister who led the country into a meaningless and hugely destabilising war to satisfy his own monumental ego.

“But that’s got to be better than what he’d have done to rock and roll if he’d gone professional with that, right?”