Hugely unpopular Prime Minister pushes for statue of hugely unpopular Prime Minister

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A universally loathed Prime Minister is pushing for a statue of another universally loathed Prime Minister, it has emerged.

By commissioning a statue of Margaret Thatcher, PM, Theresa May has sent the strongest signal yet that she is firmly in touch with public opinion.

Weighing in at nearly half a million pounds the proposed two hundred metre granite monument has quickly taken priority over any realistic plans to provide suitable accommodation to victims of the Grenfell tragedy.

Among the proposed designs is one of the former Iron Lady swinging her handbag into the face of a beleaguered coal miner.

But the favourite by far features the most hated Prime Minister in living memory stealing a bottle of milk from the hand of a tearful, malnourished child.

Meanwhile, many fear the statue would fast become a target for mindless vandals and left-leaning pigeons.

Commentator, Simon Williams, said, “By positioning the statue in Parliament Square, the PM is hoping to deflect attention from the considerable carnage of her premiership.”

He added, “She will stand there cold and emotionless surveying the division and strife of the land where she once held a semblance of power.

“As for the statue, I have no idea what it will look like.”