Donald Trump hands Vladimir Putin handmade thank you card

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Donald Trump has given Russian President Vladimir Putin a handmade thank you card expressing his gratitude for making him president of the United States.

In a behind closed doors meeting, Trump was gushing in his thanks to his Russian counterpart and the part he played in making his dream come true.

“I can’t Vladimir enough, I really can’t,” Trump said, according to sources close to the matter.

“Without him and his army of tech-trolls the Democrats would have run away with it, and for that alone, he will have my eternal thanks.

“Not just my thanks, but also a direct line to the Oval Office and a pretty impressive bunch of favours to call in whenever he sees fit.

Experts say the handmade nature of the card will have been well received by the Russian leader.

As one expert in interpersonal relationships told us, “Donald used the journey on Air Force One drawing the letters himself using his favourite set of crayons.

“He used lots of colours and it’s clear he spent a lot of time on it. He hardly went over the lines at all.

“I’m sure Vladimir will be touched by the gesture, hopefully enough to keep the pee-pee tape locked up for a little while longer.”