Dad ruins crazy golf by getting pissy about being bad at it

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A dad has spoilt a family outing with anger at his own limitations.

Simon Williams, 38, was out in Bournemouth with his wife and two young children when he cheerfully suggested a game of crazy golf.

“And now he’s strolling way ahead of everyone on the way back to the car,” sighed Simon’s youngest son.

“He always does this. He’ll be fine for the first two holes, which frankly a chimp could complete, and then it gets to the windmill on hole 3 and he realises he’s not Rory McIlroy just because he’s a bit good at that golf game on his computer.

“On the sixth hole, it took him nine shots to finish, on the fifth of which he lost his temper, swore, kicked a gnome and hurt his toe.

“He ended up losing to mum, which he said he was fine with but now he won’t look at her.”

Simon’s wife said, “He was really struggling to find the hole.

“I’ll leave you to make the jokes from that statement, they’ll all be accurate as well as funny.”

Simon said “I’m fine, that was fun. I don’t want to talk about it anymore though. Let’s just get back to the car, ok?”