BBC accused of being lefty, right-wing, pro-Remain, Brexit propaganda channel

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The BBC has been accused of having a lefty, right-wing, pro-Remain, Brexit agenda that brainwashes viewers into questioning opposing points of view.

The accusations have prompted some viewers to call for the £147 license fee to be abolished.

“I don’t pay my license fee to hear views that differ from my own,” said disgruntled viewer Simon Williams.

“It’s bad enough that I have to sit through programmes that aren’t specific to my own personal tastes, but to have my opinions challenged is unacceptable.

“Whoever wrote the words that I’m saying now is an establishment stooge who was probably in the Marxist wing of the Young Conservatives!”

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Nigel Farage is amongst several politicians who have questioned the BBC’s impartiality.

“I’ve been a guest on the BBC more times than I can remember, and during those appearances, there have been people who have asked me questions or disagreed with me. How can that be fair?” he said.

“The BBC’s coverage of Brexit should consist of nothing but me saluting the Queen while the Red Arrows make a Union Flag in the sky out of different colour smoke.”

A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn also hit out at the BBC’s output.

“The BBC says that it’s aim is to inform, educate and entertain,” he said.

“Unless Jeremy is made the next Doctor Who then those words will be hollow.”