Promotional sales email for sunloungers indicates summer definitely over

author avatar by 6 years ago

A promotional email from Amazon offering you great discounts on Sun Loungers suggests that summer is well and truly over for this year.

With discounts as high as 70%, the email extols the virtues of buying a long garden chair as quickly as possible – ideally before the sun vanishes behind a cloud and they have to stick them in a warehouse until next May.

The loungers, which come in an amazing range of colours and styles, will add to any garden – and will make a striking conversation piece when guests wonder how the heck you’re going to dry out the cushions from the sheets of rain in a few weeks time.

The email is titled ‘Jesus, why did we stock so much of this crap’, and goes on to offer deep discounts on sunglasses and shorts and suggests now is absolutely the perfect time to buy, for God’s sake, please, just buy the damn things we’ve got thousands of them.

You can purchase any of these items with a single click, along with BBQ paraphernalia, a paddling pool and attractive, non-waterproof, solar lawn lights.

The items are also available with free shipping, if that’ll help offload them on you at all.