Every single advert on woman’s Facebook feed for something completely shit

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Every single advert Facebook has automatically selected for one of their female users has been for complete shit today.

Simone Williams, 35, logged on this morning to find several adverts for waxing, apparently designed to remind her she hasn’t had a shag since February.

This was quickly followed by promotions for pregnancy tests, products identical to the male version except coloured pink and twice the price, and a site promising 35 ways to tell if you’re fashionable this summer.

Hitting refresh to make them go away just replaced them with other adverts, this time for dating websites, weight loss programmes and sanitary products.

At no point was she shown adverts for things she might actually buy, like ice cream or booze.

“So what Facebook’s advertising algorithm is telling me is that I’m fat, wet myself, and need a man,” she told us.

“And then people wonder why there are reports of social media making you miserable.

“I tell you what, it’s not the constant grinding low-grade hate, pettiness and one-upmanship you get on the Internet that makes you really miserable – it’s logging on and finding that unless I buy a ladyshave I’m fucking well Chewbacca that does it.”