Bob Carolgees slams Metropolitan Police over use of spit hoods

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Former kids’ entertainer Bob Carolgees has criticised the Metropolitan Police’s use of controversial spit hoods as both discriminatory and career-damaging, it has emerged.

Carolgees and his trusty companion Spit the Dog shot to fame during the 1980s with a no-nonsense act that relied extremely heavily on spitting.

The Liverpudlian star, who now runs a gift shop in Frodsham, cites a recent incident at a charity event during which he and his dog “Spit” were the victims of heavy-handed policing after Spit allegedly gobbed at an officer.

Mr Carolgees said, “Spit – and therefore myself – were held down by six or seven uniformed brutes while one of them forced a spit hood over my left arm. The dog could barely breathe.

“These spit hoods are not only dangerous – they are damaging any realistic chances of a comeback.

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“What’s that Spit?”

“Arrrrrccccccccccccccccccccccchhh – phoooooot.”

“Yeah – they are a bunch of wankers.”

However, last night Met Police Chief, Simon Williams, defended the actions of his force, telling reporters, “The dog puppet thing could clearly be heard clearing its throat in readiness to eject a gobbet of phlegm. My officers did what anyone would do under the circumstances.

“They beat the shit out of him.”

Meanwhile, Carolgees plans to sue the Met Police over a further incident in which Cough the Cat was thrown down some stairs while he was still wearing a hood.

He added, “TB risk apparently.”

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