Atlantis declares war on North Korea after series of missile attacks

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The mysterious undersea kingdom says its patience is exhausted after years of missile and artillery bombardments.

Atlantis, the lost undersea realm, will commence military operations against North Korea after yesterday’s ICBM launch against their capital, which damaged a number of valuable coral beds and stampeded the seahorses.

“We’ve displayed incredible patience,” said spokesman for the fish-people, Salmon Williams.

“But Kim Jong-Un has carried out sustained attacks against our peace-loving, watery land, dropping missiles, artillery shells and dissents with their feet wrapped in concrete onto us.

“Our mer-person troops will commence the invasion just as soon as we can figure out how to get them up the beach without legs.”

In a statement, North Korea said they held no ill-will towards the ocean dwellers and their attacks had instead been aimed at Sea-attle.