Football fan claims he streams matches illegally purely to annoy Rupert Murdoch

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Football fan Simon Williams said that finding illegal free streams to watch live football is more about annoying Rupert Murdoch, than supporting his team.

As a new survey said a third of fans regularly watch illegal streams, Williams said he was one of them.  He explained, “Look, I’m an Arsenal fan, so actually watching Arsenal hasn’t given me much pleasure over the last few years, but I still do it online because it makes Rupert Murdoch’s investments look less valuable.

“His company agreed to pay £5bn for the rights to live Premier League games, so if I can find it online for free, even with some dodgy foreign commentary, then I’m happy doing so safe in the knowledge I’m doing my bit to annoy the octogenarian tumour.

“He’s paid about £10m a game, and I like to think I’m playing my part in making that seem like a fucking stupid amount of money to show a football match where every spare second means I adverts are rammed down the throats of people who’ve already paid to watch the match.

“Some people say it’s like stealing, but if it’s stealing from that twat then I couldn’t give less of a shit.”

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A spokesperson for the Federation against Copyright Theft told us, “We take a very firm stance against all forms of copyright theft, and so we can not condone Mr Williams’ behaviour – but as it’s Rupert Murdoch on the receiving end we’re happy to look the other way for as long as we can, deal?”