Satirist repeats Diane Abbott joke for eleventy-billionth time

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An Internet satirist has repeated a joke about Diane Abbott for the umpty-hundredth time in the hope it will be just as funny as it was two months ago.

Knuckling away a tear of hilarity, Internet gagster Simon Williams typed a joke about Ms Abbott getting her sums wrong because that’s always good for a few clicks on a slow news day.

“Here’s the joke, right”, he told us. “Someone says something about numbers or money, so I write it up as if Diane had said it but – get this – she says ‘eleventy-billion’.

“God, that one never gets old,” he added, chuckling with merriment.

“I’ve got a bunch more lined up including one where she proposes spending the square root of minus one pounds on the Police. I’m playing a bit for the intellectual, mathematician market there.”

Readers confirmed that their appetite for Abbott/ Maths gags is as limitless as the budgetary proposals she entertainingly made.

“There are a few classics in comedy,” we were told.

“The fat man falling over. The mother-in-law. The Englishman, the Irishman and the Scotsman. And now, thanks to the Internet, Diane Abbott’s mathematical abilities.”

“I cannot imagine any circumstances where that fails to make me hoot with laughter.”