Public sympathy for owner of crashed McLaren supercar holding steady at 0%

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The level of public sympathy for the owner of a McLaren supercar that was destroyed after crashing into a house is holding steady at 0% according to sources this morning.

The driver and passenger of the Mclaren 570S, escaped with minor injuries except for a massively dented ego.

Local resident Simon Williams told us,”First of all the car is orange. Orange.

“What sort of attention-seeking prick drives around in an orange sports car. I’ll tell you the sort, the sort that is crying out to have the piss taken out of him when he inevitably destroys the thing because he’s a shit driver.

“So we have a prick driving too fast in a bright orange car that costs more than a first home and we’re surprised that public sympathy for his predicament is non-existent. Yeah, I’ve got to be honest, I’m not all that sympathetic.

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Another resident told us, “We’re outraged that this car might have damaged some bricks when it crashed into them. These bricks provide a useful public service, and arseholes have no place throwing their toys into them.

“The very least they could do is come around here and apologise for their crap driving so we can all have a good laugh at them.”

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