Crowded passenger plane causes disruption to twats dicking about with drone

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A flight packed with holidaymakers has severely impacted the fun of some drone-flying twats in a field.

Fucker, Simon Williams, and his pals were tooling around with the remote-controlled device near Gatwick airport when a jet crammed with passengers irresponsibly strayed into his airspace.

At one point flight BA 4675 came within twenty metres of the metre-wide drone in what Williams described as a potentially catastrophic near-miss.

“It’s great that the pilot was forced to evasive action leading to the people missing their flights, because if the plane had collided with the drone, I’d be looking at a repair bill running into hundreds of pounds.

“Worst case scenario is the drone gets sucked into the jet engines, which means it’s a total write-off.”

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Holidaymaker Yusuf Abdullah, said, “I was due to land at Gatwick for a connecting flight to visit my dying father in New York, but Stansted is a real hidden gem and not to be missed.

“I’m so glad Simon and his friends are safe and well and if men in their early forties can derive gratification from flying a children’s toy near a major flight path then who am I to argue.”

Williams added, “I tried to warn the pilot he was too close by shining a laser pen in his eyes, but the gormless bastard obviously didn’t get the message.”