National Cream Tea Day sees violence on Devon/Cornwall border over whether cream or jam should be first

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There have been localised outbreaks of violence between residents of Devon and Cornwall as the annual debate rages over which sweet topping should be applied to the scone first.

National Cream Tea day, which aims to be a day of unity across Britain in celebration of the famously decadent snack, has instead reawakened the age-old debate over the correct order to apply the cream and the jam to the scone.

“Forget the Leave vs Remain debate – this is the issue of the day. And it’s clearly jam first, then cream!” raged Simon, from Cornwall, lobbing a stale scone at a Devonshire neighbour.

“Bollock, it’s cream first, then jam!” yelled Devonshire lass, Eleanor Gay, flicking a spoonful of cream at her usually friendly Cornwall neighbour.

“You wouldn’t put jam on a slice of bread, and then add the butter, would you?” she added, solving in her mind the argument once and for all.

As the day went on there were also reports of small skirmishes between Northerners and Southerners over the correct pronunciation of the word ‘scone’.