Kensington Council leader cancels gig due to damaged vocal chords

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The former leader of Kensington Council cancelled a gig with the press on Thursday over concerns about his voice, it has emerged.

Nicholas Paget-Brown sensationally pulled out of a packed gig with reporters, claiming he could no longer deliver a performance worthy of his fans.

The highly competent 60-year-old blamed a punishing schedule and apologised to those who had queued for hours to hear him give straightforward answers to pertinent questions.

Paget-Brown promptly resigned insisting he was no longer able to speak after a week of belting out Adele’s greatest hits in the shower left him feeling hoarse.

Paget-Brown said, “Chasing pavements, Rolling in the Deep, Don’t You Remember – they were all in there.

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“Mostly her early stuff, but not exclusively.

“Sometimes people in the neighbouring tower blocks yell across and tell me to keep it down a bit, but I always try to give them my best.”

He added, “I even did a rousing rendition of Set Fire to The Rain, but that went down like a sack of shit.”

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