Young Labour voters shocked that lifelong eurosceptic is a eurosceptic

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Jeremy Corbyn broke the hearts of many young europhiles as it was revealed that he does not love EU.

“He was supposed to be the chosen one!” cried a young Labour voter.

“Jez was supposed to kick out the Tories and make sure that I could go Interrailing without the hassle of sorting out visas.”

This comes after Corbyn sacked three frontbenchers for voting to stay in the single market and customs union against the Labour whip.

Another Labour voter said, “Jez is a man of principle, which is why I expected him to abandon his life-long euro-scepticism and stop Brexit.

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“Now I might have to pay roaming charges when I go skiing in the Alps.”

Corbyn has declined to comment on the plight of the europhilic Labour voters.

A Conservative spokesperson said, “Life comes at you fast.

“Who’d have thought that an old-school anti-establishment protest-politician would be against the EU.”

Tim Farron, the former Liberal Democrat leader, said that his party would accommodate Labour’s disenfranchised youth vote.

As long as they didn’t want to ask him about religion, however.

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