SNP unveil new ‘Please wait’ slogan as indyref 2 undergoes technical hitch

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The SNP have unveiled a new slogan and party image in their campaign for a second referendum today.

Showing that the campaign is a long and difficult game being played with great skill and thought by her party, the new party image shows Nicola contemplating her next move ably assisted by the tactical genius of Alex Salmond.

The SNP have identified the cause of the hitch delaying Indyref 2 as being ‘Nobody wants it’, and assured fans they’re doing all they can to rectify that.

Meanwhile, the new slogan of ‘Please Stand By’ could be changed at any time to something a little more tuned into the public mood.

“Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible,” Sturgeon announced to the Scottish Parliament.

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“Like BBC 3, the independence campaign will be moved online.

“You’ll still be able to get all your favourite independence content from Twitter and Facebook, without interruption from adverts or contrary opinions.

“In the meantime, we’ll continue to campaign for more funding from the very people we say we want to leave.”

Across Scotland, SNP supporters are understood to be outraged by the news – and when supporters of other parties get home from work they’ll probably be quite surprised too.