Google fined a record two ‘DUP confidence and supply agreements’ by EU

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Google have been fined a record two DUP confidence and supply agreements by the EU for distorting the online shopping market.

The antitrust fine is a record, with previous fines having reached barely a quarter of a DUP agreement.

A Google spokesperson told us, “This fine is outrageous, and we will be appealing this decision at the earliest opportunity.

“A fine of two DUP agreements is in no way reflective of the seriousness of the alleged infringement.

“Everyone knows that a single DUP agreement is an absolutely astronomical amount that no company can be expected to pluck out of thin air, never mind two of them.”

An EU spokesperson told us, “Look I know it sounds like a lot, but we’re on the verge of losing quite a lot of our income, so we’ve got to find new ways to raise money.

“This seemed as good a way as any.”