Google busy removing all traces of the European Union from history

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The EU has ceased to exist in any meaningful form after Google removed it from its search engines.

Google took the drastic step after dastardly Eurocrats fined it two billion pounds for promoting its tawdry shit at the expense of genuinely innovative and exciting products.

Online searches for the EU now direct people to the Eurostar homepage or flag up interesting stuff about the Eucharist.

The company is also releasing its own three-vowel version of the alphabet, omitting the letters E and U in favour of the more fashionable A, I and O.

Internet user, Simon Williams said, “When I now try to type in the search terms ‘Google fine’, it comes back with ‘yes it is’.

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“And when I try to locate the city of Brussels on Google Earth, it appears to have been replaced by a second, much larger, Bristol.

“One is bad enough.

“There is no hard Brexit or soft Brexit. Brexit has become meaningless because there is nothing to leave.”

Williams added, “Google has achieved overnight, what cost Nigel Farage twenty years, two lovers and seventy broken friendships.”