UK set for unprecedented economic boom as Brexiters begin ‘talking the country up’

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After learning that how you talk about the country can affect its economic performance on the world stage, Brexiters full of positive thoughts have told the nation to prepare for unprecedented growth.

Brexit supporter Simon Williams said the entire country should hold on to its hat, as we’re about to take off the moment he starts opening his incessantly positive mouth.

He explained, “I spent the best part of a year telling these losing remoaners to stop talking the country down, and it was exhausting – relentlessly telling them things were only going badly because they kept saying it was going to be bad.

“Day after day, week after week, the same conversations, over and over again.

“Then one of them pointed out that if talking about it really had that much of an impact, then why don’t all the Brexiters, who are clearly in the majority and representative of the will of the people, just talk everything UP.

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“It was like a light went on in my head, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.

“With the power of positive thinking, the Brexit majority that clearly won the referendum a year ago will see this great nation overtake the USA and China as the global superpower.

“It might take a year or two, but it will definitely happen. I know this to be true because it was definitely only going badly because remoaners talked us down, and now that we’re talking us up, there can be only one outcome.

“You can thank me later.”