London estate agents insist market is ‘booming’ after woman pays £1bn for house on Downing Street

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London estate agents are today claiming the London property market is extremely buoyant after a 60-year-old woman paid £1bn for a terraced property with an SW1A postcode.

With many buyers around the capital waiting to see the impact of Brexit on property prices before making unnecessary house moves, the £1bn purchase of 10 Downing Street has left many estate agents predicting a bumper summer of commissions.

Agent Simon Williams told us, “To be fair, the agent that sold that place on Downing Street got lucky by finding a very motivated buyer who also happened to have access to her own money tree.

“Sometimes you get a crazy offer, and you just have to take it before they change their mind or get a good look at what they’re actually buying. When the stars align like that it’s hard not to make a deal.

“To be honest, she has massively overpaid, and I can’t help but think it’s a deal she’ll come to regret in time, but who cares, the agent will have long since spent his commission by then.

“Actually, now I’ve heard about this magic money tree of hers, I don’t suppose she’s also interested in a fixer-upper one-bed flat in Clapham is she?”