Jeremy Corbyn unexpectedly wins over notoriously right-wing Glastonbury crowd

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Jeremy Corbyn has stunned his critics by being cheered to the rafters by the notoriously pro-Tory crowd at Glastonbury yesterday.

Advisors had warned Corbyn of the risks of addressing a throng of crystal healers, app developers and slightly baked hippies, telling him that his brand of slightly woolly socialism might not be warmly received by people whose tribal loyalties lie with the Conservative party, but he wasn’t to be budged.

Corbyn, who has been criticised for not doing enough to attract swing voters, took the bit between his teeth and went into the Tory heartland of the Pyramid stage just after Craig David.

“If Jeremy can win over a crowd of middle-class humanities students, there really is no stopping him,” Tory strategists told us this morning.

“He didn’t even put on a smart suit and sing the national anthem,” they explained.

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“How he managed to win over our core vote like this is a mystery.

“Next we know he’ll be reaching out to the core working-class old industrial Labour heartlands by running a hard-hitting series of articles in the Guardian and Independent and we’ll be really stuffed.”