“The EU is so great, its citizens want to be able to live in Britain for as long as possible” Juncker tells May

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Opportunities in the EU are so fantastic its citizens want to live in Britain far longer than five years, Jean-Claude Juncker has told Theresa May today.

Rejecting her offer of five years of residency for EU citizens as ‘not sufficient’, President Juncker insisted that Britain was a declining power with few chances so the huge numbers of his citizens who want to live and work there shouldn’t be denied the opportunity.

Both the EU and Britain offer people different things, he said. British pensioners move to Spain to get jobs and work hard to make their fortune in a region of low unemployment, whilst young Europeans move to Britain to live off their savings by a pool.

Or something like that. The details get muddled, he added.

“Everyone knows the EU is the best place in the world to live, with the best standard of living and opportunities”, he told Prime Minister May.

“It’s fantastic here and there’s no reason anyone would ever want to leave.

“Which is why it’s vital for our citizens to live in Britain for as long as they like.”