People behind Grenfell Tower refurbishment delighted to see nation turn on Hotpoint

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The businesses and politicians involved in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower are today delighted to see the nation’s anger being directed at people who make kitchen appliances.

After police confirmed that the fire in the tower started in a fridge freezer, angry morons began kicking the nearest white box in their kitchen.

“Bloody fridge freezers killing people, it’s disgusting!” wrote one angry reviewer on a site selling the model of fridge freezer concerned.

“These are just death boxes!!” wrote another, though they also gave it three stars after noting the generous amount of room it left for frozen goods.

Experts have claimed that blaming a fridge-freezer is easy, as it’s a nice visible item that means you don’t have to think too hard about the real issues at hand.

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As one explained, “It’s happening because blaming an inadequate system that oversees building standards and potentially criminal individuals exploiting this system is much more complicated than blaming a white box that keeps things cold.

“But ultimately, blaming Hotpoint for the deaths of everyone in Grenfell Tower is ridiculous and no-one will fall for it. It would be like everyone blaming Liverpool supporters for the deaths of everyone at the Hillsborough disaster.


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