“Off you fuck” says no-nonsense David Dimbleby

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David Dimbleby is taking no shit from the Question Time audience.

The generally affable host went as far as standing up and taking his jacket off after a rowdy audience member repeatedly interrupted panellist, Gina Miller.

“It was like the third Mitchell brother had surfaced,” confirmed another audience member, Simon Williams.

“Some rowdy twat wouldn’t shut up, and David just very slowly removed his glasses and said “I beg your fucking pardon?” then there was silence.

“Then he stood up and removed his jacket, looked the heckler dead in the eye and told him to ‘get fucked off or get fucked up, your choice, sunshine’ it was riveting stuff from a typically sleep-inducing television show.”

Show-runner, Jay Cooper, said, “David has become far less tolerant of arseholery over the years.

“He used to just give them a wry smile and ask them to be quiet, but I think he’s pretty close to jumping up and bottling someone.

“It should be cause for concern, but it is going to make for fantastic television.”