EU citizens respond to Theresa May’s offer to let them stay in UK: Do we have to?

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Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that EU citizens currently in the UK will be granted residency after Brexit as if that’s something any of them would ever actively choose to do.

She made the offer to various European leaders who were faintly baffled that they had to listen to this mad old woman when they could be having their photos taken with Emmanuel Macron.

“Do we have to?” asked Polish IT worker Simon Williamsz.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, Great Britain is a lovely country with many, many amusing panel shows, but the people have voted to leave EU and break their economy.

“It is like the old Polish proverb of the happy dog that is very happy and then one day decides to saw off his legs for no good reason.”

Romanian fruit picker Symon Vlliams agreed..

“No. No. There is fruit in other country. I will travel to country that doesn’t always vote very, very stupid person to be their leader and have good life where people don’t vote for mad things.”

Once again, it seems that the Prime Minister has misjudged the mood of human beings, and the EU is being urged to prepare itself for another migration crisis as millions of Europeans flee this basket-case of a country to somewhere sensible.