“What about our house prices?” ask perspective-free wankers of Kensington

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Some bubble-wrapped arse-buckets from Kensington are worried that their house prices might go down.

Following the temporary housing of the Grenfell Tower survivors into some luxury apartments, some local residents have expressed outrage that a nice thing is happening to some people in the vicinity of their not-burnt-down houses.

“It’s not that I’m without empathy; of course I have empathy,” lied Kensington dickwad, Simon Williams.

“But I’ve spent an awful lot of money on my house and just had the bathroom refurbed. I don’t want that hard work to be undone just because some undesirables have moved in around the corner.

“I don’t mean undesirable, by the way, that was taken out of context.”

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Grenfell survivor, Jay Cooper, said, “I’d like to personally apologise to Mr Williams.

“I hate to have to be a burden almost as much as I hate to have to replace literally everything I’ve ever owned.

“Next time my crappy, unsafe, overpriced apartment burns to ash, I’ll make sure to burn down along with it so as not to hurt his fucking property investment.”

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