New Transformers film draws comparisons to Ingmar Bergman

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The latest Transformers movie has been hailed as an intellectual triumph.

In a new direction for the series, Transformers: The Last Knight asks what it means to be human, what it means to be an object, and explores the true consequences of hunks of metal punching each other for two hours.

“There’s a wonderful sequence where Starscream stops, mid-battle, to pick a flower and reflect on the fragility of existence,” said film critic, Simon Williams.

“Then Bumblebee punches his head clean off before shedding a tear at the futility of war and of robot’s inrobotity to robot. It’s all very moving.

“There’s a definite whiff of Bergman about the whole thing- if Bergman had access to a $400 million budget, along with a hard-on for explosions and lens flare.”

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Transformers fan, Jay Cooper, said, “I’m a little confused.

“Megatron was just about to activate the ultra-beam in order to wipe out humanity, before pausing and asking “but what if I’m really destroying myself?”-  which is stupid. Of course he isn’t, the moron.

“I don’t watch these films to think. Make them pure shit again, please.”