Thursday 22 June 2017 by Neil Tollfree

“I did not record ex-FBI chief, and I’ve got the tapes to prove it,” claims Trump

Donald Trump, FBI recording, James Comey

US President Donald Trump has said that he did not make secret recordings of ex-FBI chief James Comey despite an earlier hint to the contrary and, most sensationally of all, he has secret recordings that prove it.

He said in a Tweet: “I have tapes that I made secretly in case the fake news media tried to make out that I was the sort of President who would make secret reco…”

He then quickly followed up with a second tweet: “rdings of FBI directors.”

Shortly afterwards, he tweeted an audio file of himself and James Comey in conversation in which Mr Trump can be heard asking if ‘the Feds can put some of those little cameras in the ladies bathroom’.

In a further tweet, he said that recording cut out just before Mr Comey called Mr Trump the ‘best President ever, I mean it, I really do. The best’

Mr Trump claimed that the recording shows no evidence of a tape recorder being switched on, no whirring of tapes, no feedback. Literally no proof of recording at all.

Immediately followers made the point that the audio file he produced is, in fact, a secret recording of no actual secret recording being made.

Mr Trump issued no tweets for an hour before tweeting: “Okay, I definitely did not make secret recordings of no actual secret recording being made.

“And I’ve got the tapes to prove it.”

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