Game of Thrones now promoted as feel-good escapism for the summer

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Amandine Rezian, a publicist for HBO, said that, in light of the events of the last year, viewers are now looking to get a sense of cosiness and security from the violent and hyper-sexualised TV show.

She explained, “In Westeros, life is cheap, the innocent suffer horrible injustices, and immoral bastards often get their way, but the one difference with our world is that it’s exciting.

“Who would you prefer to be the greatest threat to the sclerotic rulers of the country? A dragon-riding beauty and an uber-cool dwarf leading a horde of Dothraki screamers? Or Jeremy Corbyn?”

Fans agree that they will be watching the show to give themselves hope, as explained Simon “Stormborn” Williams, an obsessive GOT nerd who sleeps in a home-made Night’s Watch costume.

“It’s a cruel place, but there is a sense that justice will eventually prevail in the Seven Kingdoms, unlike here.

“If we lived in George Martin’s creation, someone like Gove would have had his ballsack fed to him by a Stark girl by now. And Theresa May would have been paraded naked round……OK, maybe some things are better here.”

Although GOT is now perceived as a slightly racy alternative to The Durrells, the final season is certain to include gratuitous displays of genitalia, vomit-inducing torture scenes and the customary “shocking” death of a beloved character in the penultimate episode.

This in turn will push over-excitable idiots to swamp Youtube with their insufferable reaction videos that will still be less annoying than whatever Brexit throws up.