‘Causing misery for no good purpose’ adopted as new Tory slogan

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The Tories have responded to a High Court Judge’s ruling that their benefit cap policy causes ‘real misery for no good purpose’ by adopting it as their new slogan.

Delivering his verdict, High Court judge Mr Justice Collins said: “The cap is capable of real damage” and added that it was “obvious” it would exacerbate poverty.

It’s not the first time the Conservatives have used campaign slogans that are based on descriptions of their policies, with ‘denying children food and clothes’ and ‘cruel as fuck’ having previously gone down well with voters.

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman responded positively to Mr Collins’ remarks.

“‘Capable of real damage’ and ‘exacerbating poverty’ are also decent slogans, but ‘causing real misery for no good purpose’ is a beauty,” he said.

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“We’re going to appeal the decision just so we can see what else he comes up with.”