Staff at The Sun accused of impersonating journalists

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A worker at The Sun has been accused of impersonating a journalist in order to get an interview with a victim of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Sources claim a member of staff from the tabloid comic tried to get an interview with a hospitalised victim by pretending to be a ‘proper journalist from a real newspaper and everything’.

Members of the Grenfell community have been left shocked by the callous nature of the lies told by the representative of The Sun.

“The fact that this deception was so brazen is what shocks us the most,” said one community leader.

“Here we are trying to help people rebuild their lives, and these leeches come here pretending to be ‘journalists’ doing some ‘investigating’.

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“Everyone knows real journalists don’t work at The Sun. They should be ashamed of themselves stooping so low as to impersonate someone who actually reports on the news, rather than just admitting they do nothing other than create lurid fabrications designed to titillate morons.

“There is clearly no lie too heinous that they wouldn’t tell it in order to put some words in that comic of theirs.

“It’s time we made impersonating a journalist illegal. A few prison sentences would soon sort out these imposters, and then we could send the police in the direction of the Daily Mail. Win-win.”

A spokesperson for The Sun said, “Look, at least we didn’t hack the phones of any dead victims, and we haven’t blamed the whole thing on the residents – yet – so, on the whole, I think we’re getting better, no?”