Trump slams ‘cowardly’ Trump after cancelling UK state visit

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Donald Trump has called himself a ‘snowflake’ after he cancelled his state visit to the UK due to protests.

Taking to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with his own confidence and leadership, President Trump unleashed a ‘broadside’ against the ‘cowardly’ President Trump.

“Who does this cowardly President guy think he is?” He tweeted.

“It’s like he wants the world as his safe space! Sad!

“I need to start standing up for America by supporting our allies and facing down these protesters!!”, he added.

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White House insiders report Trump is very upset by his own attacks against himself and is urging himself to reconsider his position before he starts looking stupid.

“Shit, this is just normal round here now,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters.

“Only yesterday he spent forty minutes angrily dressing-down an intruder who disturbed him in the bathroom before realising it was a mirror.”

The British government said it sympathised with Trumps’ position as right now it is its own worst enemy as well.

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