A bad deal with DUP is better than no deal, insists Theresa May

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Theresa May has revealed that any deal with the DUP (Dinosaur Uncertainty Party) that allows her to cling to power is much better than no deal.

In stark contrast to her stance on Brexit negotiations where she insisted no deal was preferable to a bad deal, Mrs May has confirmed that her own position is much more important than that of the country.

“I will welcome any deal whatsoever being agreed, as it will provide me with the stability and certainty I require to keep my job,” she said.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson took to Twitter to rubbish rumours that he is preparing a leadership challenge.

“I am backing Theresa May. Let’s get on with the job,” he tweeted.

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Highlighting his ‘Let’s fund our NHS’ commitment, critics have pointed out that ‘Let’s’ isn’t a promise, it’s merely a suggestion.

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