Party of homophobic climate change denying bigots to partner with DUP

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A party of homophobic bigots with a questionable view of climate change who often claim to be guided by a sky fairy will be partnering with the DUP in government, according to reports.

The leader of this party, Theresa May, has herself a questionable voting record on gay rights, and members of her party are calling for environmental and climate damaging fracking to become widespread across the country.

“Not to mention she was raised by a preacher and has said on many occasions that she’s often guided in her political decisions by her particular version of ‘God’ – which is frankly terrifying,” added one political analyst.

“I’m surprised anyone was willing to partner with them, but then, it’s not like the DUP are a paragon of virtue, either.”

A DUP spokesperson told us, “Look, it’s not ideal, but partnering with the Tories gives us a sniff of power, and if we can maybe curb the more bigoted elements of their contingent, then all the better.

“It worked out ok for the Lib Dems, so bring it on.”