Theresa May unveils final major U-turn of election by voting Labour

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Theresa May has waited until election day to unveil perhaps her most significant U-turn yet, after announcing outside her local polling station that she has voted labour.

In an unusual change of stance, the Prime Minister has reassured those intending to vote Conservative, that just because she happens to have sided with the main opposition party, doesn’t make her any less of a credible leader.

“It’s not the sort of tactical move we normally see in the political sphere,” said political analyst Simon Williams.

“As a general rule of thumb, most if not all party leaders running in the general elections throughout history have tended to vote for themselves.

“But I suppose when she’s already performed a one-eighty on remaining in the EU, promising to freeze energy prices, the dementia tax and saying she wouldn’t call a general election, then a complete reversal on her deeply held political ideologies isn’t a total shock to the system.”

A Conservative spokesman defended Theresa May’s decision, explaining that it was just the kind of strong and stable U-turn the Prime Minister has been continuously executing throughout her limited time as Prime Minister.

“Particularly on election day, it would have been grossly inconsistent for the Prime Minister to do a U-turn on performing last minute U-turns, and no doubt the British people will see through Jeremy Corbyn’s selfish decision to vote for the same party he’s actually leading.”