Donald Trump challenges Sadiq Khan to interl…intulek…intelly… cleverness test

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Donald Trump has challenged the Mayor of London to take an inteler…intylig…cleverness test.

Trump, who like all very clever, confident people has a desperate need to constantly show it off, made the challenge after calling Khan ‘very stuperd’ in a series of tweets after this weekend’s attack in London.

“You can do these tests”, he told reporters. “They’re called Q.I. Tests. Or Q.E.D. Tests. Or something like that.

“You might not have heard of them; only smart, smart people have.

“I’ve did one once and did great. Got a score of ninety-eight or ninety-nine.

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“They are marked out of a hundred, right?”

When asked, Khan said he was far too busy to respond to Trump as he’s got a 2022 Prime Ministerial bid to work towards.

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