BBC accidentally broadcast Green Party politician speaking about policies

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The BBC has apologised for accidentally broadcasting a clip of Green Party leader Caroline Lucas saying something.

The mix-up occurred during a radio news clip on 5live yesterday afternoon when a newsreader pressed the wrong button and accidentally allowed the listenership to actually hear the Green Party leader speaking about Green policies.

“I’m very sorry to listeners who may have inadvertently been exposed to a Green Party politician saying something substantive yesterday,” said BBC’s Head of News James Harding.

“It is, for some reason or other, BBC policy to not broadcast anything the Green Party has to say and I feel we’ve let listeners down for having done so.”

There was consternation from UKIP regarding the incident.

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“This is typical BBC bias,” said UKIP leader and successful alchemist Paul Nuttalls.

“They wasted valuable seconds giving airtime to the Green Party when it could have given that time to UKIP like it usually does.”

It is understood that to make up for the error, the BBC will cancel all BBC2 programmes tomorrow and instead devote the entire day to playing on a loop that bit in the UKIP party political broadcast when Mr Nuttalls walks on a treadmill by a canal.

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