UK hasn’t done enough to tackle terrorism, says woman whose job it was to tackle terrorism

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The UK hasn’t done enough to tackle terrorist extremists in the UK, according to the woman responsible for doing just that for the last six years.

Prime Minister Theresa May took the unprecedented step of attacking her own track record in tackling extremism when talking the reporters today.

She told the press, “The UK has not done enough to defeat extremism, and I should know because it was very specifically my job.

“When I say we haven’t done enough, I can be sure I’m correct in that assessment because everything we did for the last six years in trying to tackle extremism went across my desk as Home Secretary, and was specifically approved by me.

“So when I say we haven’t done enough, I am basically saying I was a bit shit at my job for quite a number of years.

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“That’s how confident I am about this election; I can openly admit I did a bad job, but you lot will still vote for me because Jeremy Corbyn looks a bit awkward in a suit.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?”

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