Shep excitedly wagging his tail inside the Pearly Gates

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A black and white Border Collie is excitedly wagging his tail at the gates of Heaven, according to a source today.

Known locally as ‘Shep’, the collie has spent the last thirty years solemnly pacing the area in hope of catching sight of his best friend.

The arrival of John Noakes will be greeted with delight by the collie, as they reunite to form a partnership that delighted children across the UK in the 1970s.

“I’m incredibly sad to hear of John Noakes’ passing,” explained 47-year-old Simon Williams.

“He and Shep were a massive part of my childhood and pretty much the only reason I pestered my parents for a dog every day from the age of six to eleven. Like every boy my age, I wanted what they had.

“Thankfully they’re back together now, and no doubt causing havoc and ensuring heaven’s producers are tearing their hair out.”

Our heavenly source cut short our conversation after being told to investigate a loud cry of “Get down Shep!”