Jeremy Corbyn practising his reading of ‘Hell yes, I’m tough enough’ before Paxman interview

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to spend the day practising saying ‘Hell yes, I’m tough enough’ before being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman in the evening.

Two years ago, during Ed Miliband’s interview with Jeremy Paxman, he said ‘Hell yes, I’m tough enough’ with all the conviction of a schoolboy being picked on by the bigger boys, and went on to stand in a car park with a big rock that had been scribbled on.

Unsurprisingly he went on to lose the election.

“Jeremy wants to get this right,” said a Labour insider.

“So, he’s up early this morning, standing in front of his mirror saying ‘Hell yes, I’m tough enough’ until it looks convincing.

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“It could be a long job.”

Initially, Mr Corbyn approached the phrase like a Hollywood tough guy.

“It was certainly a bold attempt to nail the line. He’d sort of do a little squint, look down nose and say ‘Hell yes, I’m tough enough’ in this peculiar accent that was somewhere between John Wayne and Elvis. I don’t think we’ll be going with that version of the line.”

It is understood that advisers want Mr Corbyn to nail the line by mid-afternoon so they’ve got a good three hours to teach him how to do up a tie.