UK Threat Level reduced from ‘critical’ after failing to provide sufficient poll boost for Theresa May

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The UK terror threat level has been reduced from ‘critical’ to ‘severe’ after failing to have the impact on Theresa May’s popularity as was initially hoped.

The UK terror threat level was raised to ‘critical’ last week in order to prove to sceptical voters that Theresa May was a ‘strong’ leader who could still protect the country despite her swinging cuts to the police force.

“We really thought we’d get more traction in the polls from raising the threat level a couple of weeks before the election,” said a Tory insider.

“I mean, Jeremy Corbyn didn’t raise the threat level, did he? Neither did Nicola Sturgeon or whoever it is who does the Liberal Democrats now…Tom someone.”

However, the fact that the poll boost failed to materialise raises some troubling questions for Theresa May’s team.

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“Well, what it does look like is that the public may be seeing through transparent political tricks for electoral gain.

“If that’s the case, then we’re going to have to rethink our entire election strategy because, to be honest, our current election strategy is just a whiteboard with ‘transparent political tricks for electoral gain’ written on it.”

It is expected that whilst the threat level has been reduced, armed troops will remain deployed to boost security for a few more days in a last-ditch attempt at an easy poll-boost for the Prime Minister

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